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Title: 1000 Degree Sword Vs GIANT ORBEEZ BALLOON and Gummy Big Mac Cheeseburger!!
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Description: 1000 Degree Sword Vs Giant Orbeez Balloon and Gummy Big Mac Cheeseburger!!
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Carl & Jinger

In this family vlog Carl and Jinger with their boys Gage, Luke, and Kyle experiment with a 1000 degree knife sword by popping a giant orbeez water balloon and a giant gummy McDonald's Big Mac Cheeseburger! First they have to get a giant balloon and pour it full of toy orbeez jelly balls and then fill it up with water until it is like a giant stress ball. Then they get their giant gummy hamburger ready. The family is going to California with Family Fun Pack Familyfunpack to go to Disneyland. They will also be going to Daily Bumps Bryan Lanning new music album premiere. Then it's time to experiment by heating up a sword until it is glowing red hot. They slice open the giant orbeez water balloon and it pops everywhere in a huge colorful mess! The Orbeez beads sizzle when they are touched by the glowing knife. Then they chop up the giant gummy cheesburger and crazy steam goes up in the air!

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