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Title: Someone Move that dog!: Fails of the Week (August 2017) || FailArmy
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Duration: 6:24 Published: 2 months ago Author: channel
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Is there a better way to end the week than with some fails? Didn't think so. We've got some hilarious lake fails, a few kid fails and a guy going through a fence! Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments. Later, dudes.

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Girl Runs Into Pole While Broadcasting Her Walk https://goo.gl/c6aDjq
Girl Wearing Bikini Tries to Bounce off Diving Board https://goo.gl/G8egeG
Boys at the Skate Park https://goo.gl/pr6KVh
Girl While Playing Punching Bag Game
Woman Off Jump Box Attempting Weighted Squats https://goo.gl/HuiKWX
Pond Skier into Crowd https://goo.gl/s9q3RZ
Motorcyclist into Car while Trying to Dry Gloves https://goo.gl/63JW1J
Lightning Strikes in a Parking Lot https://goo.gl/ijYw8J
Girl From Top of Pole https://goo.gl/p8maKK
Kid Off Moving Walkway Handrail https://goo.gl/xj85BK
Two Sled Riders Knock Down Kids https://goo.gl/5QNnuU
Girl Tumbles into Chairs
Woman Trips Over Open Kitchen Drawer
Driver into Barrier https://goo.gl/MUvAmU
Dog Sleeps Through Band Performance https://goo.gl/azqsUD
Skier Tries to Jump off Ledge https://goo.gl/PCXBh6
Little Girl Tumbles Off Playground Equipment
Fire Extinguisher Explodes in Bathroom https://goo.gl/9twZ9Q
Plastic Plate Flies Off SUV https://goo.gl/2W3nq7
Guy Attempts to Ride Barefoot Next to Boat https://goo.gl/5hfG3w
Toddler Hits Big Brother in the Nuts with Toy Bat https://goo.gl/3BmZkt
Teen Tries to Jump over Bannister https://goo.gl/TZKJs7
Man Through Fence While Playing Dizzy Bat Game https://goo.gl/dqGyPe
Man Breaks Mirror Attempting to Walk on Giant Tire https://goo.gl/EHRn8h
Girl Runs Down Bowling Lane https://goo.gl/aDziAu
Rally Car's Hood Shatters Windshield During Race
Man Drops Bookshelf Off Balcony
Man on Parallel Bars https://goo.gl/4Q36yQ
Shelf on Guy's Head https://goo.gl/VdSbLa
Man Into Lake Trying to Waterski Barefoot https://goo.gl/ZM8jQC
Motorcyclists on the Freeway https://goo.gl/frT8zi
Bicyclists Collide into Each Other https://goo.gl/E7CDC9
Girl on Christmas Tree https://goo.gl/HpqSib
Board Flies into Guy's Face https://goo.gl/PWQkiW
Fish Scares Baby Deer https://goo.gl/B868o3
Skateboarder Breaks Rail
Guy on Go-Kart Waits for Airbag to Deploy https://goo.gl/gFM3xV
Girl Tries to Jump over Water https://goo.gl/9KcYTa