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Title: ECS S3 D2: Astralis vs Virtus.Pro / fnatic vs NV / CLG vs Optic / C9 vs Immortals
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Duration: 10:22:11 Published: 5 months ago Author: channel
Description: ECS Season 3 kicks off with James, Dan and YNK.

ECS S3: EU - Astralis vs Virtus.Pro: 34:29
ECS S3: EU - Virtus.Pro vs Astralis: 1:58:01
ECS S3: EU - fnatic vs NV: 2:55:50
ECS S3: EU - NV vs fnatic: 3:56:14

ECS S3: NA - CLG vs Optic: 5:41:44
ECS S3: NA - Optic vs CLG: 7:02:29
ECS S3: NA - C9 vs Immortals: 8:02:14
ECS S3: NA - Immortals vs C9: 9:00:56

Tickets for S3 Finals available at http://wembley.csgoleague.com

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