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Title: Does this Nigerian make the best Street-Food Noodles?
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In Nigeria, noodles especially indomine has the highest consumer in Lagos and all over Nigeria. Noodles has become the main business of so many Nigerians and it has serious contributed to the eradication of poverty in Nigeria.

Adeola, interviewed one out of the various people who has dabbled into the noodles business,the Hausa guy gave good information about when he started ,how much he makes each day and even taught Nigerians how to make classy continental noodles.

"ABK Noodles that is my name,it means Aboki noodles" i make between #20,000 and #25,000 each day from the sales of noodles and i have been in this business for almost 10yrs now" he said further people like my noodles because it make sense .

When Adeola asked his customers how and why they buy noodles here are their answers:

"I usually eat it every-night,especially when am hungry,i will book 2 indomines, 2 eggs and 1 sardine for just #400, the guy is very good and i love the way he add carrots and tomatoes with pepper"said a constant customer.

Another guy said, "me i eat a lot, sometimes i can consume 3 sachets,and sometimes 2 with 1 egg."

"I always eat 2 indomines and 2 eggs because its working in my body," the aboki indomine seller ended up teaching Adeola how he makes his delicious noodles.


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