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Title: BBC Interview Parody : That's Not The Nanny
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Duration: 1:7 Published: 6 months ago Author: channel
Description: This is our parody of the BBC Live Interview interrupted by his kids. Many people assumed the woman in the video was his nanny, yet it is his wife. Why? Is it because she is of a different 'race'? Or because she is Asian/Korean? We explore our conscious and unconscious biases and assumptions on who is family.
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That's Not The Nanny
Produced by Michael Tow and Teja Arboleda

Director: Michael Tow
DP: Teja Arboleda
Editor: Teja Arboleda

Robert Kelly: James Wilcox
Child: Clefairy
Mom/Nanny: Lisa Nguyen
Mother in Law/Maid: Andrea Lyman
Father in Law/Gardner: Teja Arboleda
Stranger/Mum: Jane Staab
Anchor Voice-Over: Teja Arboleda

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