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Duration: 17:26 Published: 5 months ago Author: channel
Description: Dangerous 40ft lake jump cops

We decided to do our first lake jump video today! We started out showing you guys what we did with all the marshmallows and all the secret new trampoline fillings were gonna be doing in the near future! After getting that all done and in the dump we headed home to get the lake jump all ready! We all threw the ramp it in the truck and headed to the special spot for us to do our 40 ft lake jump! We set it up and i was the first one to go but before we went we looked at how far we had to go to be safe! So we would have to clear the rocks, fence and huge piece of land before we would be safe! So after observing our gap we went ahead and hit the jump! i hit it and cleared it perfectly, After me Coby went and also cleared it first try and then Danny! We wanted to get a little crazy so we started to do some flips! We flipped the 40ft gap and cleared it perfectly. After hitting the gap the cops came and crashed the party, We packed up and left.

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