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Title: PDT Bewadey (Drunkmates) | S01E06 | Pradhan ka Pappu | Indian Web Series | Sex Clinic | HEYPDT 2017
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Title - Pradhan ka Pappu
Series - PDT Bewadey (Drunkmates)
EP. - S01E06
Genre - Indian Web Series
Type - Sexual Disease
PDT BEWADEY ( Web Series ) - It is an Indian web series in hindi. A journey of three bachelor drunkmates in India. In episode 6 ( S01E06) Pradhan is diagnosed with a sexual disease. Both Gaba and Johhny decides to take him to a sex clinic / hospital. What happens next can be seen the the full funny video / episode above. PDT Bewadey is a fun filled comedy web series and we don't intend to promote drinks or alcohol.
- heypdt

Yash Saini
Rohit R Gaba
Nijo Jonson
Sunil Dutt
Mrigakshi Parashar

Created By : Rohit R Gaba & Nijo Jonson
Directed By : Anuj Ramatri & Pavan Rawat
Written By : Nijo Jonson & Yashpal Saini
Line Producer : Faris Nabi and Varun Bansal
Creative Producer : Kriti Pachauri
Supervising Producer : Swati
DOP : Arjun Venkatesh
Trailer Edited By : Anuj Ramatri
Music : Siddharth Parashar (SM Studios)
Art : Harsh Vardhan and Siddharth
1st Assistant Director : Karpoor Gaurav
2nd Asst Directors : Gurpreet Kaur, Shrudi N Johnson
3rd Asst Director: Vimal Bora
2nd Unit camera : Monty Bisht
Art Assistant : Arvind, Naushaad, Hitesh
Head Of Production: Geeta Bisht
Costumes : Deesha Thakkar
Make-Up & Hair : Santosh Rawat and Swati Rawat
Graphics : Anuj Ramatri
Post Production Manager : Anuj Ramatri
Assistant Editors : Shweta Raghuvanshi & Vimal Bora
Social Media: Karpoor gaurav

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Awarded as one of the best web series in 2017 talenttrack award.
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