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Title: India Today Needs India Today - In These Confusing Times, All One Needs Is One Clear Truth
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Duration: 0:41 Published: 6 months ago Author: channel
Description: The campaign idea stemmed from the audience's perception of the quality and integrity of today's news content and media. Most people are left confused by the amount of information that reaches them through multiple sources. There is a sense of over-information on one hand yet a very prominent lack of credible and well-researched truth on the other. The insight comes from peeping into the mind of the discerning viewer and hearing him rant about the situation where most sources of news are controlled or manipulated. The film sees viewers of various age groups talking to the camera ranting the same rant portraying it as the voice of a country seeking one clear truth. Its straight, no holds barred, heart - to - heart tone of conversation with the camera reminds us of India Today as the single source of ethics and clarity.