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Title: Funny Moment Caught Live Professor Robert E Kelly Kids Interupt BBC Live Talkshow
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Duration: 1:4 Published: 2 weeks ago Author: channel
Description: A serious interview between Professor Robert E Kelly and the BBC to be a bit noisy when the interview room 'was visited' by two sons who nonchalantly go into the room.

Robert looked a little awkward to explain his professional when yellow-shirted daughter-in feeling very cheerful.

But that was not the end of the story was funny.

Suddenly, another small glimpse of tapped on the door. Mobile use of infant seats, it is also seen glimpses wanted to join the 'view' on the issue of North Korea and South Korea, which is being discussed by his father.

"I think, one of the kids you just go inside," said a BBC interviewer to Robert.

"Excuse me," said Robert repeatedly.

After that, a woman believed to be his wife or maid came to take the child in a state of panic.