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Title: 브라질 언어편! Learning about Brazil with Midori
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Duration: 4:59 Published: 4 months ago Author: channel
Description: 안녕하세요! 이거 몇개월전에 찍었는데 드디어 올렸네요! 브라질 언어편! 여러분한테 흥미로운 영상이였으면 좋겠어요! 그리고 브라질에 관심 있으면 도움 됐으면 좋겠어요! 재미있게 봐주세요!
그리고 재미있게 봤다면 좋아요 부탁 드리겠습니다 ^^
Hey guys! I actually shot this a few months ago but finally got around to editing it. I hope you find it interesting. And if you have interest in Brazil, hopefully it'll be of a little help. If you enjoyed it, please leave a like :)

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