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Title: The moment father stop to public W.C and a Porsche crash on his car with 200+ km
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Four people, including a 33 year old mother and her 3 year old child, were tragically killed in Greece today when the driver of a speeding Porsche crashed into their car at a rest area on the highway.

George Vakakis, 24 year old son of Greek businessman and owner of children’s toy retailer Jumbo, was killed when he lost control of his Porsche at high speed on the A1 Motorway, some 80 km (50 miles) outside of Athens. According to eyewitnesses, the road was wet at the time.

The German sports car uncontrollably slid across the highway smashing into the Honda Civic of a 41 year old father who had lawfully parked at the rest area and who at the time, was in the bathroom, while his wife and child were waiting in the car.

The force of the impact was so strong that the cars blew up in a massive ball of fire.

The tragic father ran out of the restroom when he heard the crash and the explosion, but there was nothing he could do.

The fourth victim of this shocking incident was the passenger of the Porsche who has yet to be identified, but who police think was probably not wearing his seatbelt, as he was thrown out of the car upon impact.

A nearby security camera captured the crash on video. The sight of the father running outside is just heartbreaking.

Father's interview ( I try to translate it from Greek to English, sorry for my bad english but you can understand the point of the interview) :

'' i couldnt imagine in my life that something really bad (like this accident) can happen to me. i pass ''devil's week'' in special forces and i
said that i will not have worst days. This is the baddest thing can happen... I wish not happen to anyone. Going in toilet and go out and see
your whole family burn... Took 5-10 sec... When i had going out from the car i was hurry. I wanted to go to a safety parking lane so can keep
travell. I let music play in the radio... The baby in the back seat was ready to sleep and i say '' i coming''. I take the keys and i going to toilet and suddenly
i hear a big boom. Fire, smoke... i no understand that is from outside. I cant breath. I use my shirt so i can breath to go again in the car
and tell in my wife ''my baby i was lucky, something happen''... and i see my family burn in the car. I am looking to see what happen... Blown my car? and i see at 10meters,
a porsche... I see in front of me the driver... Was a kid... Rest in peace... The porsche was going more than 300km, these cars can go 330km/h''