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Title: Lana Rose & Mo Vlogs- Keyboard Warrior (Official Music Video)
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Duration: 2:32 Published: 4 months ago Author: channel
Description: Keyboard Warrior available now! iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1234383105?ls=1&app=itunes

Apple Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1234383105

Producer: Lana Rose.
Director: Mo Vlogs
Filming Credit Mummy Mo.
Song Writer: Lana Rose.
Performer: Lana Rose & Mo Vlogs.
Organizer: Mummy Mo.

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So You think you know me
You think you know everything about me

You don’t know me
You sayin' about me
You ain’t ma homiee,
All these stories be tripin me like oh yeaaah

All of the talkinnnn

Snakes ! Snakes ! Snakes be slitherinnn (Naaaa)
You don’t be followin’
But you be on ma page day and night watchinnn'

Ya Ya Ya Ya
Er’ time i be posting on ma page ,
them haters be hatin'
they always raginnn

Woah, we are under attack,
Wooah! Anonymous attacks!

Where your face at, i see your words poppin’ out but where your face at?
Oh Wait! Keyboard warrior!
Oh Man! Keyboard Warriorrrr!

(evil laugh) hehehehehe

Ratataa i am the warrior
Ratataaa they call me warrior,
key-board warriorrrrrr (Say whaaaat… yeah)

ooooh woooohoooo (M-V on the beat, killed it another time)
Why you always hating ohhh (Another one)
(Thought i was over didn’t you) Why can’t we just be good friends
(thought i didn’t have it in me to rap,) ooh yeaa ooooh
(but i just killed this flow… yeah)

You already know Lana Rosé killing the verse
ahh Im a boss
Aite’ I’m done.