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Title: My K-Pop Boyfriend ft. BgA
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Duration: 6:1 Published: 3 months ago Author: channel
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Behind the Scenes! http://tinytu.be/w/gYwMBaGAYy4
Bloopers! http://tinytu.be/w/LHKCah1NYNA

Written by Philip Wang & Taylor Chan
Produced by Ashley Matsunami http://instagram.com/ashmats

Music by
Steve Winarto http://www.wmusicproductions.com/
Ikan Pradana

Jun Sung Ahn https://www.youtube.com/JuNCurryAhn
Amanda Suk https://www.youtube.com/sukiefloss
Tiffany Del Real https://www.youtube.com/tiffandcase
Joy Regullano http://instagram.com/joyregullano
Lucia Liu http://instagram.com/luseeyalu
Angie Kim http://instagram.com/theangiekim
Rommel Andaya http://instagram.com/rawmixrom

Edited by Taylor Chan http://instagram.com/chanman325

Director of Photography
Wesley Chan http://instagram.com/thewesleychan

Assistant Director
Benson Quach http://instagram.com/bensonq

Assistant Camera
Christopher Yang http://instagram.com/yangstopher

Social Media/BTS
Jennifer Le http://instagram.com/_jdle

Production Assistants
Michelle Hsieh
Lauren Villegas
Ducky Chang
Reed Hedani

Special Thanks
Jennifer Chan
Joyce Chen
Krischana Vongpiansuksa
Kevin Kim
Andrew Moon
Jay Lee
Kevin Li
Alexander Siu
Shalyn Wong

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