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Title: Mnangagwa on Mugabe Succession statement by Grace Mugabe - 2 August 2017
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Description: Emmerson Mnangagwa responds to Nelson Chamisa's question on Grace Mugabe's succession statement - Zimbabwe parliament 2 August 2017

Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe challenged President Mugabe to name his successor at a Zanu-PF Women's league meeting on 27 July 2017

Emmerson Mnangagwa speaking
The first point is where was the First Lady speaking? Which political party was it? We have no problem of recruiting more members into Zanu-PF. We were at a rally of a particular party, Zanu-PF, discussing issues of that political party. You have referred to Government. I am not aware of any statement relating to Government, at all. With regards to the issue of some names or some people not appearing it’s a question of being subjective whether that is true or not. You need to look at particular cases and say ‘in this particular case it should not be on page 2 but on page 1 and not on page 8 but on page 2’ and then we will deal with particular cases as they arise.

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