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Title: RECKLESS JOKER Crushes SpiderBaby Mack Truck Toys Under Car! w/ Spiderman, Hulk & Venom in Real Life
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Description: RECKLESS JOKER Crushes SpiderBaby Mack Truck Toys Under Car! w/ Spiderman, Hulk & Venom in Real Life

Today we have Spiderbaby as usual playing with toys for kids ! He play with cars mack truck and unluckily drive it straight to Joker's wheels giant car! Joker of course is reckless and try to park his car but he is so careless that he FAILS to notice that he crushed spiderbaby toy ! he even laugh about it! spiderbaby is shocked because his mack truck is crushed under car ! he calls his dad spiderman to rescue the truck for kids! Spiderman with nerf guns and is angry about joker! Joker tell him he has a toy for kids ! which is baby princess rapunzel ! Spiderman DO not want princess rapunzel but Mack truck back! Joker laughs about it then spiderman fire a bullet with his nerf gun! Joker then go away like a thief ! Spiderman then call Hulk as Hulk is a mechanic for kids he repair toys, power wheels cars and more! Hulk has a huge garage of cars! He then take Mack truck to his garage and repair it and fix it! Spiderman come and pay him as the job is done!

We also have Baby Spiderman aka SpiderBaby is playing with his candy lollipop chupa chups toys, careless joker wants to park the car, and reverses the car but he crushes the candys chupa chups under the car. Little Spiderman is sad that chupa chups candy toys crushed under the car. Chupa chups candys lollipops are broken! Baby spider-man calls his dad. daddy Spiderman is angry he hit joker with a baseball bat and calls Hulk to repair the chupa chups! Hulk comes in and take the chupa chups in his construction vehicle tractor for children and the repair it for baby spiderman aka spiderbaby!

And last but not least we have a great video with spiderbaby playing with his T-Rex Toy ! But Venom crush it

We then have killer car trying to kill spiderman by crushing him under car power wheels !

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