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Title: How to Make a Root Beer Float from Scratch | HTME: Remix
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Description: In a new remixed video, we revisit one of my favorite projects of making a root beer float from scratch. In it, I had to forage my own sassafras roots and wintergreen, tap a tree for maple syrup, brew my own root beer, and milk a goat to make the ice cream.

Disclaimer: The safrole oil contained in sassafras root is known to be a weak hepatocarcinogen at higher doses in rats and mice and is banned for consumption by the FDA. This ban is controversial as more recent studies have suggested it might effect humans differently, with some scientists ranking it only as dangerous as breathing indoor air or drinking city water. Use at your own risk.

- Why are we recutting old content? We made a transition last year to how we produce and edit our episodes to better fit a format that is more YouTube friendly and we want to update our old content to match. We’ve also grown in size drastically this year and want to be able to share some of our favorite projects with our new viewers who may have missed our older content.

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- Izzy’s Ice Cream: https://izzysicecream.com/
- Fair State Brewing: https://fairstate.coop/

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