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Title: summer in the city 2017
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Description: (just had a phone call with demi lovato as you do you know so it took a while to edit this)
thank you so, so so much for everything! For your words and your hugs and for watching and listening and creating a community that couldn't be kinder. I watched you dance with your friends and sing my words and wave pride flags and gah I love you all so much
also sorry i missed two days of veda! I honestly just overestimated my energy lol

thank you http://twitter.com/doyouknowellie for the thumbnail! she's a talented photographer and will be uploading lots of pics from sitc!

thank you for the extra footage!

thank you http://twitter.com/summerinthecity for a wonderful time!

shout out to oddlydoddly group chat for dancing at the back ahaha
and to everyone in the crowd who was singing along I saw you!!! you were beautiful!

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