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Title: Top 5 - Most Unlucky Dismissals | Weird Wickets 7 | SC #238
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Duration: 5:58 Published: 4 months ago Author: channel
Description: Unlucky batsmen
Batsmen will be out only if the fielder is able to take a catch, if the bolwer bowls that perfect delivery which beats the batsmens bat and crashes the stump, or if the ball would have struck the wicket, but was instead intercepted by any part of the batsman's body and all this if and only if the bowler bowls the ball from inside the crease,or there is a chance of a runout but there the throw has to be perfect and the batsmen is not fast enough,. If you read this, It does seem it's so hard to get a wicket doesn't it? But its not that difficult and when the batsmen is having a unlucky day – it's not difficult at all.

Today @ Simbly Chumma we are going to talk about this Anything.. The unlucky dismissals of Batsmen.
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