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Title: ALL BLACKSが東京に出現? #TackleTheRisk #AllBlacks | AIG JAPAN
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Duration: 3:1 Published: 6 months ago Author: channel
Description: 不意な飛び出しに、ブレーキの踏み間違い。街は予想外の危険で溢れている。そんなリスクに先回りしてあなたを守るために、AIGとALL BLACKSが手を組んだ。#TackleTheRisk (タックル・ザ・リスク)。

まさかの時だけでなくまさかが起こらないように、世界中の知見とテクノロジーを駆使してお客さまをお守りする、AIGの事業戦略コンセプト「ACTIVE CARE」を表現したスペシャルムービーです。


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ALL BLACKS Tackle Tokyo #TackleTheRisk #AllBlacks AIG JAPAN

Everyday life is full of surprises and risks. AIG teamed up with the All Blacks to protect the people of Tokyo. #TackleTheRisk.

This special movie is based on AIG's concept of ACTIVE CARE - a commitment to delivering a total customer experience that helps you mitigate risk instead of just dealing with the consequences when life catches you by surprise.

*Filmed safely under controlled conditions and expert supervision. Do not attempt to copy the actions featured in this movie.