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Title: Forehead Drawing Challenge Anna vs Kristoff vs Elsa. Totally TV
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Description: Frozen Characters Characters Forehead Drawing Challenge for Kids with Elsa vs Anna vs Kristoff.
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Your favorites from Frozen are back for a super silly Forehead Drawing Challenge! Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff face off to see who can draw the best without looking at their drawing. Think of this challenge as blind Pictionary or blind drawing. The players will take turns take turns drawing random objects on a white board placed at their forehead. Meanwhile, the other two players have to try to guess what the drawing is. The player to guess correctly gets the point. The loser of this challenge will have to eat worm jerky. Totally gross! Have you ever tried to draw on your forehead? If so, you know how fun and crazy it can be so don't miss this fun video! Featuring Jenn Barlow as Elsa, Margeaux Jordan as Anna and Weston Meredith as Kristoff.

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