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Description: Nerf Fidget Spinner Gun the latest GunVsGun Nerf War video! A fidget spinner AND a Nerf gun? Now that's an epic Nerf gun mod!

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If you want to see the coolest fidget spinner tricks this video is a special treat when Tommy does this nerf gun mod!

Nerf Blasters used by GunVsGun in this Nerf Video: Nerf Strong Arm and some Air Warriors blaster.

Maybe you'll see the Nerf fidget spinner diy gun in a future Nerf War First Person Shooter video! Those are like a nerf war call of duty (a Nerf Gun Game).

There is no fidget spinner unboxing in this video because Danny couldn't wait to get it out of the package!

Speaking of Danny, boy is he in trouble when he hears the fidget spinner spinning behind his back!

In this Nerf gun video you will see a fidget spinner toy become a lethal weapon! What you won't see is a fidget spinner review but that would be boring!

Listen, if you're not ready for the nerf war zombie apocalypse you better watch and learn from our videos!

Note: no Nerf zombies were harmed in this video.

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