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Title: First In The Car with Kim Ever!
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Duration: 21:25 Published: 4 months ago Author: channel
Description: SO I kind of started a vlog. Well more like I filmed a few videos and posted one lol.

I've always admired people that can be so open, honest and vulnerable on camera. I know that sounds weird if you know that I have experience acting, but acting isn't talking about yourself.

If I continue this, I plan on talking about whatever I'm feeling that day. More often than not it will include some sort of business/tech/personal development/health/fitness or just plain weird topic that is relevant in my life at the time.

Check it out if your are bored or just want to hear me talk to the car window about motivational videos and laxatives (yea I went there in the very first video lol). And I know it's long, and the filming is horrible - so save me those comments, but please let me know if you enjoyed even a minute of it.

It feels a bit weird for me to film these and post completely unedited content, but I like it when others keep it real, so I'm trying it out. I appreciate you all for even reading this :)