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Title: Nerf FPS: Brother Vs Brother (First Person Shooter)
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Description: Nerf FPS: Brother Vs Brother (First Person Shooter), brought to you by PDK Films! In this Nerf FPS, Paul and Eric have an unscripted, real life Nerf gun battle in Colorado. First one to 20 kills wins!. Subscribe for more Nerf FPS videos!

Winner of Nerf Battlescout: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6gdJf1l_nfeYO-yH5HD2rw

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My name is Paul and I’m the director of PDK Films. PDK stands for my full name: Paul David Kousky. I grew up in Maine, but I moved to San Diego, California to pursue YouTube full-time. I make all kinds of epic Nerf war videos with Nerf guns. I also have a gaming/vlogging channel, King Kousky, so be sure to check that out!

Most of my videos are inspired by video games, such as Call of Duty, GTA 5, and Star Wars Battlefront - which is why most of the bad guys have Stormtrooper aim! If you like what you see, grab a burrito and subscribe because we have epic Nerf videos coming every week!

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