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Title: ISS Symphony - Timelapse of Earth from International Space Station | 4K
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Duration: 3:55 Published: 2 years ago Author: channel
Description: Compilation of timelapses from the International Space Station.

Suggestions: 4K, dark room and volume up.
Music: Ludovico Einaudi - Experience (Live At Fabric, London 2013)
Editor: Dmitry Pisanko

All post production: deflickering, stabilization, noise reduction and color corrections was done in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

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http://files.timon.ru/_iss_symphony.mp4 , 1920x1080, 1.3 Gb
http://files.timon.ru/_iss_symphony_4k.mp4 , 4K Resolution, 1.1 Gb


Image Courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory,
NASA Johnson Space Center, The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

Original data: 95 623 files, 109 Gigabytes downloaded from http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov